Going Coastal! Flood Tide Trip [part 2]

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Going Coastal! Flood Tide Trip [part 2]

So..... where did we leave off? Oh that's right.... Our very successful trip thus far...

Back on 95 Northbound, I notice a semi truck start blinking his headlights at me repeatedly, over and over. At that moment, the thought crept in my mind, did we just lose our push pole? Did we blow out a hub? Why would this truck blink his lights at us over and over? I noticed we did in fact lose the push pole; I told Damian and Ty the pole was missing and they thought I was joking with them. How did the push pole make it perfectly from Miami all the way to Fernandina Beach Florida, a 6 hour drive, but somehow come off just 25 minutes after we got back on the road. 

We spent a few hours driving up and down the interstate in hopes of finding the push pole to no avail. We decided to continue northward and hope to pick up another pole along the way. The next morning, we got a text from Carey saying he allocated a push pole for us to borrow; so we were on our way to Beaufort to meet Carey. We made it on the water around lunch time; the tide was still low, so we fished the mud banks and small creeks. Carey points us down a shoreline and low and behold, Damian and I spot a triple tail almost immediately. I go to make a cast and off he went, spooked at first sight of my fly. About a minute later, I look down and spot another triple tail practically under my feet; I plop the fly in his face and he ate it! 

We fished a couple more creeks, but got chased off the water by an intense storm. We decided to trailer the skiffs further away where the storms had already passed and catch the afternoon flood tide. We get up to the spot and as soon as the water started to rise, fish started to show. Damian hooked up, landed his fish.

A quick switch, I jump on the bow and see a tail; Damian poles us into position and the moment the fly hit the water, I strip set and was on! Just like that, two casts, two fish.

Carey and Ty were watching so Damian and I started to taunt them... And just like that, Ty and Carey started to catch reds, and not just any reds, fish that dwarfed ours!

We ended the day with a decent amount of fish to hand, and we were back at it in the morning! All in all, even after losing the push pole, we still had a blast. I don't want to be a spoiler, so make sure you watch the upcoming episode of 5wt Chronicles: Going Coastal!

Here are a few more photos from the trip!

Until next time!