New Video! - Took a wild trip to the mountains!

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New Video! - Took a wild trip to the mountains!


When I bought my first Tacoma, I began to research the internet for Tacoma Mods in hopes of outfitting my truck to be better suited for fly fishing adventures. While down that rabbit hole, I stumbled upon a video about the Georgia Traverse. I was captivated by the idea of traveling across the entire state mostly offroad, but not just because the camping and offroading, but the opportunities to fish water I have not discovered. 

Luca Holding a Rainbow


You see, I've spent many trips exploring the mountains of North Georgia for many many years. But I was shocked I had not heard of this before. I recognized some of the areas, but there was many I had never seen before. In this video, I hit the road to the north! I packed my gear and reached out to my good friend Travis Duff to join me on this adventure. We set our sights on a destination and put it in 4x4 and made our way! 

Driving down Charlie's Creek Road


Hope you guys enjoy this video, as it was a blast creating this. The experiences we shared and the people we met along the way were more impactful than any fish we encountered. I walked away from this with a new outlook. 

Eric Swinging a Fly

Gearing Up

Michael Hunt and Travis Duff

Travis Casting


There are follow up videos also on my Youtube channel! Make sure to check those out as well!


Catch you on the flipside!