Tequila Sunrise... Louisiana Copper

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Tequila Sunrise... Louisiana Copper

I am itchin' right now...... Since my Louisiana trip, I've only fished Everglades National Park twice...... First day, jumped and lost 4 or 5 juvenile tarpon, landed one jack, sight fished in shallow water..... Second trip, caught one 20" seatrout, and a couple early 20" snook..... I wish I was in LA catching reds.....

[Everglades seatrout from a couple weeks ago]

So I went ahead and drew a redfish from our trip. Sold the sketch within the hour of when I posted it to a client in Spring Texas; he's headed to LA to fish in a couple weeks. 

The sketch "Tequila Sunrise" is based on the first fish of the day, that was possibly the best day I've ever had fishing.


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