The Drawing Board! - NEW Tarpon & Mahi Art!

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The Drawing Board! - NEW Tarpon & Mahi Art!


In the realm of angling artistry, two captivating drawings have emerged, each capturing the essence of a distinct marine spectacle. The first, "Tarpon Stack," vividly depicts a feeding frenzy of tarpon in the azure waters of the Florida Keys. These magnificent silver kings, renowned for their acrobatic leaps and formidable strength, gather in a harmonious yet chaotic dance as they feast on the abundance of prey beneath the surface. On the flip side, the second masterpiece, aptly titled "Mahi Stack," plunges us into the offshore realm where a vibrant school of mahi engages in a similar frenzy. With their dazzling colors and speed, mahi, or dolphinfish, present a spectacle of their own as they dart through the open ocean, chasing baitfish with unmatched vigor.

What makes these drawings truly fascinating is the coexistence of these two fierce gamefish in different realms of the vast ocean. Tarpon, often found inshore, are masters of navigating shallow waters, estuaries, and coastal habitats. Anglers flock to the Florida Keys in pursuit of these apex predators, relishing the thrill of the chase and the challenge of taming these powerful creatures. On the other hand, mahi prefer the offshore expanses, thriving in the open ocean where they form nomadic schools. Renowned for their brilliant hues and high-speed pursuits, mahi have earned a special place in the hearts of offshore anglers.

Here's a photo I captured in the Lower Keys of Tarpon beneath the water, it was the inspiration for this piece.


Despite their geographical disparity, both tarpon and mahi share a commonality in being highly sought-after gamefish, attracting anglers from all corners of the globe. The drawings not only celebrate the individual majesty of each species but also highlight the interconnectedness of diverse ecosystems. As anglers cast their lines in pursuit of these two magnificent species, they contribute to the delicate balance of marine life, playing a role in conservation efforts to preserve these wonders for generations to come. The "Tarpon Stack" and "Mahi Stack" drawings serve as a testament to the awe-inspiring beauty of nature and the shared passion that unites anglers in their quest for the ultimate catch.


These two new original hand drawings are available in the shop. 

Both are hand drawn using fine art markers, pen, and paint to achieve this deep vibrant look, that will never fade, drawn on acid free mixed media paper.